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WELL DONE ! You've just found the UK's Best Value Composite Decking

WELL DONE ! You've just found the UK's Best Value Composite Decking

WELL DONE ! You've just found the UK's Best Value Composite Decking WELL DONE ! You've just found the UK's Best Value Composite Decking WELL DONE ! You've just found the UK's Best Value Composite Decking

Best Value Boards in the UK!

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Graphite Grey Composite Decking

...then get ready for the good news !!

We've been doing this for over 12 years so we've earned a good reputation and we've learnt a few tips on our journey which we'll pass on to you.

The photo below shows our Silver Leaf Oak with our Tudor Oak

as a contrast.  Like it ?   YOU can do this.

Silver Leaf Oak composite decking with Tudor Oak boards as a contrast

Our top colour - GRAPHITE GREY

All of our boards are double sided so just flip it over for a design contrast, in the same colour ! 

Composite Decking is fast taking over from the traditional wooden type decking. Unique Composite Decking Boards are made from 60% wood fibre, 30% plastic and 10% additives. This all goes to giving our product fantastic advantages over wood.   

Below is our Compact Balustrade range.  Better Value than any other range .


Outstanding Features

- It doesn't warp or twist

- It doesn't splinter

- It's maintenance free

- It doesn't attract algae

- It doesn't rot

- It's non-slip.

- We guarantee

      the boards for 10 years.

And because of the unique design there are no screw heads protruding - you can clean it with a mop or pressure washer and it's really easy to install! 

Long Lasting & Looks Good Every Day

Decking Boards

Composite Decking Boards

2.2 metre boards from just £10.99 each INCLUDING VAT. 

Our Decking Boards are available in a range of popular finishes and colours: 

- Graphite grey 

- Dark Coffee    

- Antique Oak, Wood Grain effect 

- Tudor Oak,  Wood Grain effect ​

- 'Silver Leaf , Oak Wood Grain effect

- Ashen Oak,  Wood Grain effect

We Import and you get the Benefits

Composite Decking Boards with inset lights

Because we import to the UK direct from our manufacturer, we know the product inside out. And because you are not purchasing through a reseller, you are getting the benefit of a really keen pricing structure. High quality - low price.








Each board measures 2.2m long and 145mm wide with a thickness of 21mm. For one square metre you will need just over 3 boards.  

We'll calculate for you

Man calculating

Simply take the metric length and width, contact us and we'll advise on the quantity of boards and clips required to complete the job. 

Getting it done

Man cutting wood with electric saw

You'll need a saw - preferably a circular saw, a tape measure, a screwdriver - better an electric and a hammer and loads of imagination to create your own, personalised deck area. 


Non-protruding nails for composite decking boards

  The fixings method is shown here. Very simple and very effective with boards being held to joists by      T shaped plastic clips that can be removed at any time in the future.  Both the fixing and the screw are obscure beneath the surface of the deck

UV Protection

UV protection

Our boards are manufactured with a 2-3% UV resistant additive which effectively controls the effects of fading and keeps it to a minimum. Some colour distortion may occur over a long period depending on conditions.  

Price and Delivery

Composite decking delivery

2.2 metre boards from £10.99. 

The fixings sets are £18 for 100. 

Prices include VAT.  

Payment - BACS, cash on delivery or

Credit/Debit card at time of delivery. 

Delivery costs will vary according to area, but we'll quote your first.

Contact Us

Drop us a line! -

Better yet, see us in person!

We're pleased to see you at our depot, especially at the weekends, so you can see full size display modules, samples of every colour, all the accessories and get any advice you need.

Unidecks for Composite Decking

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